A Coruña

Our first day in A Coruña was pretty relaxed.  All of the stresses, bruises (so many that you never noticed happening while onboard?!) of crossing Biscay all started coming out. We were tired, physically and mentally, so we just pottered about the beautiful town getting our bearings and chilling out before heading back for an early night.

The next few days were spent exploring the town and beaches which we both found we loved.

A Coruna 1A Coruna 2
A Coruna 3

There were so many cool places to head out to in the evening but our favourite area was the old town. Hundred’s of small bars and restaurants of every type with good vibes. To our surprise every time we got a drink a few small dishes of tapas turned up for free. As we were bar hopping (to see as much of the place as we could of course) this meant by the end of the night we were stuffed full of amazing little treats and didn’t pay a penny for food. The bars all have a lot of pride in their offerings so go all out to impress and impressed we were.

We learn’t this happens during the week but not at weekends but it really does make nights out interesting as you get to try so many dishes you normally wouldn’t.

I’m sure the idea is you’re meant to get the tapas and then stay in their bar – sorry to the many bar owners whose food we ate and then headed off to the next sucker, I mean bar. 😉

The town during the day somewhat followed the French style of everything being shut when we wanted it open. Basically from what we could tell nothing really opens until about 8pm, then all the shops, bars, etc, light up and the dead streets of the day explode into busy, bustling, lane ways full of life.

No one eats until about 10pm (at the earliest). Bars and restaurants stay open until people go home. Everyone seems happy, no one gets silly drunk, just a really friendly town full of people hanging out having fun.

There are lots of touristy attractions as well, which we normally don’t really go for, but a trip up the worlds oldest lighthouse, dating back to roman times, was a must. The views from the top (don’t go on a windy day as you can’t go outside) are breathtaking. Looking out over the ocean it really brought it home that we’d just crossed that mass of water to the North.

A Coruna 5A Coruna 6A Coruna 4A Coruna 7

A Coruna 8Looking west we could see where we’d be heading once a weather window opened to get us safely around the tip of Spain which can have nasty swell and sudden storms trapping people and halting their passage south. We had a few days of this ourselves, arhh well… just another night of great bars and free tapas then!

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