Almerimar (again!)

After an amazing stay on Alicante we set off for Almerimar. We weren’t too interested in going back to the other ports along the way so we thought we’d man up, buy ourselves some time and do an overnight crossing. Setting of early would mean we’d be in early the next day. Or so we thought.

We had a horrendous crossing. The wind was in our nose, the waves were big and choppy, and the tide was against us. Yep everything was against us and we made really slow progress in really uncomfortable conditions. We had to tack one way and then the other at right angles to our route which meant we we travelling double the distance or at least it felt like it. Each wave we hit slammed the front off the boat and rattled and bumped all the way down, it shuck us to our very bones. It left us scared, angry, frustrated and in bits. But in the hardest, darkest moments we had but one thought and one thought alone.

“We have to make it back to the Stumble Inn for a pie!”

We eventually round Capo de Gata as the sun rose and the dawn brought a new day. Flat seas, no wind but still an annoying current.


We motored into the marina by late afternoon, dusted ourselves off and stumbled in for a pie. It was the best!

Almerimar 6

Like our last stay, we spent many an hour in the Stumble Inn partaking in the good food and cold beers. We met the owner, Martin, and his staff, all amazing people who made us very welcome.

In fact we met many people during our five days in Almerimar. On the waiting pontoon we met a lovely English family in Interludes big brother. Then Paddy and Carolyn (an Aussie couple) who were kind enough to lend us their Moroccan pilot. David, an Aussie solo sailor in his big red boat. Then Cam and Anne wandered by and over drinks we met their friends, Andy and Michelle, Steve (but unfortunately not his other half, Lynn) and Peter. That made up our trivia night team.


We extended our general knowledge, picked up some fantastic sailing tips and had some great laughs too boot. We will remember them fondly and will hopefully keep in touch or see them down the track somewhere. It seems we’re all headed in the same direction just at different times.

So why did we stay in Almerimar so long? Well apart from the great company and great food, the weather had held us hostage once again. However it did give us time to work on the boat and prepare for our Atlantic crossing. We put in lots of hours, spent a fortune during our twice daily visits to the chandlery but finally managed to reduce the size of our ‘to do’ list.

We finally got a good weather window and said our goodbyes, or farewells. As we set off towards Gibraltar we took in the views of the snow-topped mountains. A timely reminder that we need to keep pressing on.


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    • Thanks Magali!!

      Not long now until our crossing. We’ll have the blog up to date by then with details of how you can follow us! 🙂

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