Our last stop in Sardinia wasn’t really in Sardinia. It was just to the bottom left of Sardinia. A lovely island called San Pietro. We headed to the Marina at Carloforte and instantly fell in love with the place. A beautiful town with mazes of small back allies, tons of really good cafes and restaurants, just a really chilled out town – just what we needed for a few days rest before crossing back to the Balearics.

Carlo Forte1

It also gave us a chance to give Interlude a well needed makeover. Every inch of her was cleaned and polished and she looks so much better for it. It’s amazing how much work we have to put into keeping her clean and tidy. Coastal hopping, or doing longer crossings, means salt gets everywhere and if you don’t keep on top of it your boat starts dissolving. Ok, maybe a bit of an exaggeration but it feels like it!

Getting fuel was a laugh. We always like to top the tanks up before a major crossing but the fuel dock isn’t deep enough for yachts our size so we got the jerry cans out and made a few trips to the local garage over the road much to the amusement of the lady serving us over, and over, and over again. I might have arms like Mr. Tickle for a few days but Interlude’s all topped up and ready to go.

Carlo Forte 3

The first night we were there a massive town-wide fun run took place. A crazy event with no one seeming to know where the route actually was. A few people would run past us, look around for some sort of route marker that wasn’t there, then cut down a side street with others blindly following. Moments later they’d all run back out with puzzled looks on their faces and run off to try a different street. People were running all over the place and no one seemed to have a clue where to go. There were a lot of sneaky shortcuts taking place but as no one really knew where the start and finish was I’m not sure that can be classed as cheating or not. The race was won by a 75 year old man who did a walk around the block and back over the line, others are reportedly still running trying to find their way back.

The bars were pretty amazing I have to say. Each of them lays on food for free if you have a drink, and it’s GOOD stuff, kind of like tapas taken to the next level. As we explored the town plate after plate was presented and we ended up stuffed without having to eat a meal at all. I’m not quite sure how the bars haven’t been firebombed by the restaurants losing out on business but no one seemed to mind.

Carlo Forte 2

We also met fellow ARC rally participants in the Marina onboard an amazing catamaran named 99 Bottles. We were starting to get worried we were leaving it too late to get back out of the Med so it’s good to see others doing the same. We agreed to catch up in the Canaries for a few drinks before we cross Atlantic which is something to luck forward to.

We spent two nights in Carloforte and loved every second of it. A real gem before leaving Sardinia and its islands.

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