So in Guernsey we said goodbye to all the help from the Halcyon guys and were finally on our own. It was a pretty scary and yet liberating feeling.

Guernsey 1

After a cold and wet crossing to Guernsey it wasn’t surprising that we spent eight days here, that and the buy three get one free offer that the marina gave us. And it wasn’t a bad spot to spend a few days!

Guernsey 2

The weather wasn’t that great either, with wind and rain most days but then the sun would always peek out in the evening just to tease us.

Guernsey 6

We had plenty of things to keep us occupied. Customs, the chandlery, the post office. Oh and then there was the shops, lovely cafes and plethora of pubs. Well what else is there to do in Guernsey on a wet and windy day?

Guernsey 7

One night the wind really did start howling with gusts up to 35 knots. It turns out the Guernsey harbour is not actually that sheltered and so the waves started rolling in and knocking us about big time. At 2am in the morning most skippers were out on deck adding more ropes and checking fenders. Our fenders were getting squished to within an inch of their lives – literally. They were ready to pop.

Luckily the nice man on the boat next to us was kind enough to lend us a couple of his meatier fenders, well at least until 7am when the wind had died down a little and he headed back out. So first stop the next day was the chandlery again for extra fenders. We’d seen a special offer earlier in the week so we were kicking ourselves for not picking them up earlier.

When the sun did come out there was lots to do. We finally got around to putting the name on the front of the boat, both sides. This mean’t turning the boat around in the pontoon, and back. Pretty hair raising stuff! No really it was. And the application of the names was a bit tricky too so we’re saving the big one on the back for another day.

Interlude I

We also got the dingy and electric motor out. We each took a tour of the marina – not sure why they give lady drivers such a hard time?? We’re not going to win any races but the convenience of an electric motor definitely gets the thumbs up.

Guernsey 11

We also did some exploring, taking in the cobbled and steep streets of Guernsey. It would make a great location for a car chase in a movie if there are any budding directors out there? And there are plenty of young chaps hooning around on motorbikes if you’re in need of some extras.

Guernsey 3

Guernsey 4

We also took a few walks and runs around the harbour – to burn off those scones with yummy Guernsey cream.

Guernsey 5

On one especially nice day we went for a long hike across the cliff tops, through a wood littered with blue bells and down to a lovely bay with a beautiful cafe – that one ended with drinks and cake. I definitely recommend this if you’re ever in St Peter Port.


Guernsey 8

Guernsey 9

All in all we found lots of things to do to keep ourselves distracted and to ignore the fact that we do need to cut those apron strings eventually and head out on our own. There’s only so much procrastinating we can do and actually by the end of eight days we were ready to leave St Peter Port behind us and head for pastures new and hopefully sunnier!


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