Hopped (55 miles) over from mainland Spain to the Balearic Island of Ibiza yesterday. Last time we were both here was 12 years ago. Let’s see what’s changed (our stamina is one thing I suspect!).


We managed to get anchored and ashore in time for the World Cup Final. Nice spot for a few beers (Interlude is third boat from the left).


First time I’ve ever had to row back from watching a game, and I wouldn’t want to see our track over ground getting back to the boat! 😉


3 thoughts on “Ibiza!

  1. Hope you enjoyed the game and you cheered to the winning side ! First time I “punched the air” for a German goal……… Time is a great healer and “they” say.

    Sweet justice for the “hand-of-god” of Mexico 1970…….. but I guess guys weren’t born then Ha!

  2. What bay is the photo above taken at – looks very nice – we shall be over there beginning of August. What a pity I didn’t see this blog earlier, I live in Calpe and could have said hello. Nearly bought a 385 2 years ago, nice boat.

    • Hi Barry,

      Cala Tarida was the bay. Nice place. Quite laid back feel with a few bars / restaurants on the beach.
      Shame we didn’t see you in Calpe, what a place you live in though, beautiful.

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