We woke up to some very grey skies in the Tobago Cays which meant our hop up to the island of Mustique was going to be a rough one.

In the Windward Islands area of the Caribbean it’s a lot easier to head South with the trade winds, and seas, nicely behind you. But to hell with that! We wanted to head North now so left the safety of the reefs and got stuck into a crazy five hour washing machine spin cycle in some horribly confused conditions.

The ‘Christmas winds’ as they are known here are still in full effect. Someone should tell them it’s well into the New Year now as they suck! Everyone we meet is getting sick and tired of 22-30 knot winds, hard squally gusts every few hours on top of that, and rolly anchorages. Enough is enough winds! You have been warned!

Enough moaning, we made it into a protected calm anchorage, and that’s the main thing when you think about it right?

Mustique is one of those places I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. It’s a private island, very beautiful, good bars and restaurants, good coffee, (oh how Helen’s missed the good coffee!) good hiking around the island, and well… If it’s good enough for Mick Jagger to own a pad here, it’s good enough for us!

The island is amazing. No other way to describe it really. It’s pretty much as perfect as an island can get. Sorry to all you other wannabe islands out there but it’s true.

Mustique2Mustique3 Mustique6 Mustique11


Mustique13 Mustique15Lots of celebs own houses here but they still welcome visiting yachts to the island for some reason. The bars and restaurants are a weird mix of supermodels, very tanned serious looking business types, sports men / women, Ivy league students all wearing designer threads, and scruffy sailers. Sounds weird but it somehow works and it’s pretty nice that we get to explore such a place. Everyone is also extremely welcoming, it was funny explaining our trip to the two millionaires we meet on a hike for example.

Talking of the hikes… We did a monster one on this island, some 15k or so over some pretty hilly terrain. We both love long walks and it was great to get off the boat and get some good exercise. It’s an amazing way of seeing the island and it’s wildlife, and has to be better for you than driving around on a golf cart (which all the rich dudes use here, what!).




One of the bars near the anchorage is called Basil’s Bar, we have deduced it’s owned by Basil. Nice spot to hang out around sunset, have a beer, and chill out. Jazz night on Sunday was pretty neat as well. It’s pretty famous and the famous seem to visit often. Will’s and Kate have not only visited the island many times but the word around the bar is that Will’s did an outstanding rendition of Elvis Presley’s ‘Suspicious Minds’ on karaoke night here a few years back.

Mustique10 Mustique9 Mustique4


All in all we loved our three days here. Why three? You pay for a private mooring buoy which gives you three nights of usage that’s why. It’s a good setup here. Everything is very professional and the buoys are all in great condition so you sleep easy at night. I wish more places adopted the same system rather than the free for all boat boys racing to grab you and using buoys that may, or may not, still be attached to the seabed the next morning.

Lastly wanted to talk about about our Solar and Water. Can’t tell you how good it’s all working at the moment. This is by far the longest we’ve been away from a marina with Interlude. The solar is keeping the batteries charged up well, topped up with a bit of motoring here and there but they are mostly holding their own. And the water maker means we have all the pure drinking water we need + get to top our tanks up for showers, etc.

It makes living conditions on board that much better for us and frees us from having to find marinas to fill the tanks up every few days. I don’t think we could live without the setup now.

Tomorrow we have to leave this magical place and head back North to St Vincent. On the way down we mentioned that many people skip this island but we need to check out of the country somewhere and have heard from others of a nice spot so we’ll head there and take our chances.

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    • Thanks Pete! Wish you could have been with us. Was an amazing place and one we could only afford to visit via our own little boat! 😉

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