Porto Petro (Mallorca)

Back in Mallorca! It’s odd to be here earlier than expected and after a longer than expected crossing – I’m not quite ready to be back in Spain. It was pretty full on as we approached and I wasn’t sure about climbing up front and changing the courtesy flag but thought it pretty rude not to. So I botched it quickly, rolling the italian flag away. I’ll have to tidy it up later.

We headed towards the natural harbour of Porto Petro. It’s steep sided and as we got closer and closer to land we couldn’t spot the entrance. Eventually though we saw a few small fishing boats nipping in and out of a stretch of rock – hurrah! By the time we were through the headlands it was much calmer.

The guide says that there are summer mooring buoys but we weren’t sure if they would still be there this late in the season so we were pleased to find them, some with yachts on and some without. Usually a dinghy comes out and helps you dock but no-one arrived so we just helped ourselves. There were a fair few onlookers so we were pretty chuffed with ourselves when we hooked it first time.

It’s a lovely bay and a great place to relax after a long crossing.

Many of the (mostly German and Spanish yachts) were there for lunch before setting out again. Late in the afternoon we were visited by a ‘marina dude’ on a dingy. He demanded 25 Euros for the mooring. Now in the pilot it says the moorings are free for two nights. We mentioned this but apparently that has not been the case for three years now. We stumped up the cash and then checked the pilot again. Although it’s the latest edition it was published in 2011. Grrr! Still cheaper than the marina which was charging 60 Euros a night.

The crossing had taken it out of us a bit so we snoozed away the afternoon and had dinner onboard.

The following morning we were struck with a case of cabin fever. We successfully inflated and launched mini-Interlude and headed inshore for a lovely, relaxed breaky. There is a really laid-back feel here at the moment, mainly older couples and groups making the most of the out-of-season sunshine. And the weather was behaving for them too.

We recharged our Spanish sim cards so we could get a weather update, popped to the Spar shop and spent a small fortune on English food products (mainly digestive biscuits and more squash). We’d just finished the squash that my mum packed me up with so that was good fortune.

We checked in with the office to see if we could get a permit to visit the island of Cabrera. We could if only we had our papers with us. Oh well, back onboard we checked the weather and then booked a mooring at Cabrera online. I’m made up because we missed out last time we were here as we couldn’t get a mooring for love or money. Can’t wait!

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