Punta De La Mona

After our two (expensive) nights in a costa del rubbish marina the weather calmed and we made our getaway.

The coastline really is amazing around here but the endless developments blow me away. Are there really THAT many tourists in search of a week in the sun complete with rubbish food, British TV everywhere for those who can’t afford to miss an episode of their favourite soap, and pushy waiters? I guess so. 🙁 I might start taping a black strip of tape on my sunnies to block out the bottom quarter of the views then we’d all be happy.


Luckily our spirits were quickly changed when we pulled into the anchorage just off Punta De La Mona. This little spot had great shelter (although quite deep and rocky), amazing views, small local beach complete with bar playing good laid-back tunes and not a British holidaymaker in sight! Heaven.




The dingy was quickly launched (which has been nicknamed ‘Mintilude’) and we were off exploring and chilling out with the best of them. We loved this spot so much we stayed an extra night and highly recommend spending some time here to anyone. Was great to recharge, soak up some sun and snorkel. Although Helen did almost sink to the bottom of the bay when the swim platform ladder came loose, top marks for her getting back to the surface with it though!

Punta6 Punta5 Punta7

Hopefully there are more spots like this down the coastline as we press East.

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