Alicante to Calpe

One thing I’m coming to realise on this trip is that while sailing, time is not linear.

You can have a thirty mile passage that is over in the blink of an eye. Or a short ten mile hop that seems to take sixteen hours. Or any mixture of the two.

Today was one such example of the later.

The first half of the passage flew by. 5 miles, 10, 15.. “We’ll be in by five!” rang out across the deck.

Then the sailing temporal displacement field hit (as we passed by Benedorm, coincidence? I think not). Minutes turned until hours, hours turned into days. “We won’t be in before dark at this rate!!”.


Benedorm- Busy tourist resort or small rip in the fabric of space-time?

Wind doesn’t seem to be a factor, nor do currents, Einstein forgot to include the effect in his theory of relativity but the sailing temporal time field is real and can strike without warning – so be on your guard.

We made it to Calpe around sunset and after trying a few anchoring stops got tucked in near the harbour just before dark. The extra hours inserted into our day were well worth it once we finally arrived. Amazing anchorage with breathtaking views in every direction.


During dinner I kept sculpting my mash potatoes for some reason and had this weird five note melody in my head on loop.


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