After a wonderful three weeks with my parents onboard we finally reached Alicante and had to say our goodbyes. Very impressed with how they took to coastal passages so quickly. I hope they enjoyed their time onboard Interlude as much as we did having them with us. The boat feels very empty now.

Their adventure continues also though. They are heading over to Sydney shortly so if anyone needs some crew… 😉

Alicante has really surprised us. I’m not sure what we expected, maybe as it’s so close to the Benedorm’s of the world we weren’t hoping for much, but it’s a place I could spend a lot of time. There are some fantastic places if you drop back from the main drag and have the time to find them.Alicante1 Alicante0

The people are very friendly, great food and a very upbeat vibe to the place you can really feel wandering around. I wish we could stay longer here and really dig into this place but the marina prices (which are constantly creeping higher as we head East) will soon put a stop to that.

We also caught our best World Cup match yet. Looking for a place to watch the game we found a place selling the best tapas we’ve had yet..


Then found a street where pretty much every football fan was getting ready to watch the game:

On one corner the Dutch supporters…


On the other Argentina fans..


It was going crazy and hats off to the Argentinean supporters who drowned out the Dutch quite convincingly. Was a great night, although my head is aching and my ears ringing this morning.

It was also a very good place to restock the boat ready for our trip over to Ibiza and the Balearics. As we’ll be hopefully anchoring most of the time (some of the reports of marina prices out there are turning our stomachs – 670 euros for a night in Ibiza Town anyone?!) so this was the last big stop before we head to Calpe tomorrow and then take the 55 mile passage over to Ibiza when weather permits.

As we’ll be staying on anchor more it’s also brought up questions of possibly getting a water-maker installed on Interlude. We have so much spare electric from the solar, so water will be the only thing we will need to head into marinas for – it seems like a no-brainer. However water-makers seem to be shrouded in voodoo. As with a lot of marine topics opinions settle into two clearly defined camps:

a). “I’ve never had any issues with mine. I produce 5000 gallons per hour, wash the boat down with fresh water at sunrise and sunset and take 20 showers per day!”

b). “They are a total waste of money! Mine never worked, and when it did it only produced a cup of water which tasted like a toilet bowl and drained the batteries doing so! I wash with salt water only now and get my drinking water from a plastic sheet when it rains.”

Humm.. they are expensive pieces of kit so a lot of homework is being done.

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