5 thoughts on “And we’re off…

  1. Good luck and thanks for the tracker, although we do not see regular exotic anchorages and marina updates, we are all eagerly waiting for you to get to the finish line for the pictures go online! have you considered the “The Wirie” for long distance WiFi comms? hold out two months for the new one to be launched that will include the long range 4G antennae as well. http://www.thewirie.com. Good luck with the race, you mush really be exhausted by now! Greetings from Africa – Chris

  2. Hi Simon and Helen

    Your progress looking great. Hope you are both enjoying the experience. Can’t wait to follow in your footsteps.

    Looking forward to hearing how it is going, I suspect you are experiencing a range of emotions from ‘what the hell are we doing’ to ‘this is the most amazing experience of our lives’!

    Your track looks great and you are well amongst the pack – an incredible achievement sailing two handed. You are already demonstrating your strength, determination and passion.

    Keep strong and enjoy!
    Fair winds and following seas


    Geoff Rogers
    Hanse 400 GBR3471L

    • Thanks Geoff!

      You’ll love it when the time comes to head out over the pond, and your Hanse will be more than up to the task. We always felt safe and comfortable on our 385.

      We were doing really well speed wise, and that was without pushing her at all really. Two handed you don’t care about constant sail changes, etc, it becomes more a case of trying to preserve your energies. 🙂 Such a shame we had the sail issues we did, I think we’d have been in a good 2-3 days sooner without them. Oh well… we still learn’t a hell of a lot and that will come in handy for when we head back to Sydney next year.

      All the best,

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