ARC Finished!

ARC 2014 is now finished!


It’s been an amazing month for us. An Atlantic crossing under our belts. So many hours put into upgrading Interlude and then repairing the damage such a crossing inflicts. Parties and get togethers with new friends all sharing the same crazy experience. And behind it all the support of the ARC.

A while back someone asked me why we were doing the ARC. Now the event is finished I think that’s easy to answer for us. It’s the people it brings together. The framework of events, training, parties, sundowners, etc, fosters interactions. We’ve met so many people during the last month, many who I’m sure we’ll be hanging out with for months to come. Everyone of them helpful, bringing their own knowledge and experiences. We wouldn’t have got here without them.

Now it’s all over it’s sad to see the fleet disperse and head their separate ways but we’re also keen to head out into the Caribbean on our own.

Its like leaving home for that first time! Thank you ARC 2014 for being our supportive ‘family’ for the last four weeks!

3 thoughts on “ARC Finished!

  1. Bit sad the adventure on the Arc 2014 has finished ,but hey can’t wait for the next one
    But in the meantime I wish you and everybody that sailed in the arc 2014 a very happy Christmas and a happy New Year

    • Hi Alan,

      Marry Christmas to you and your also!
      We’re heading South for a while over New Years and then North from here. Hopefully making it as far North as Cuba. Then swing South via Jamaica and Mexico down towards Panorama for around early March time.


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