ARC rally route

Been meaning to post this image for a while. We’ve finally had good enough internet to upload the image (click for a high resolution version).

ARC Rally Route Interlude IIt shows our ARC crossing over the Atlantic (highlighted track), along with everyone else’s paths. Pretty cool to see where everyone went.

Parts of this track I remember perfectly, running South from heavy weather at the start, winds swinging around pushing us North 3/4 across, etc.
I think it’s a really beautiful image and it still blows me away we traveled that far on a little sailboat together.

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  1. We’ve been following your travels and would just like to express our congratulations to you both. We too have a Hanse 385 up in Scotland and one day, one day, we’re going to give this a go too.

    Beverley’s just back from sailing with the girls in St Lucia and Martinique towards the end of January whilst I’m antifouling our boat in ‘sunny’ Scotland!!


    • Go for it Geof! The 385 is a great boat to do such a trip in. We’ve been very comfortable on her. We’re currently in St. Martin’s and sure I’d love the $200,000,000 super yacht parked next to us but we can’t complain! 😉

      • What were the worst conditions you encountered during the crossing and were you always confident in your 385, its handling and seaworthiness? This isn’t a loaded question as we are very happy with ours but we have mainly coastal ssiled so your experiences are priceless.


        • The worst we’ve had (and hope to have) was from Morocco to the Canary Islands.
          Quite beamy 30-35 knots winds that were gusting higher. The waves were huge. I don’t know the exact size (the gribs said 3m but they looked more than that to us).

          We had to hand steer a lot of it as the autopilot couldn’t cope.

          The 385 rode over them just fine and we didn’t get any damage. I think most boats these days are pretty much fine unless you get caught in some REALLY bad weather. We always try and stay in the right zones for the time of year through so hopefully we’ll never see the really bad stuff.

          Having said that two weeks after we left for our Atlantic crossing there was a major system that hammered people leaving. A lot of damage was done and one boat got rolled in 50knot winds causing the rig to get lost.

          I hope we never see that. During our worst weather I mentioned above the hardest part was keeping the boat on track. You only have a few seconds to line her up for the next giant wave. Get it wrong and I think we’d have rolled as well.

          To sum up though we’ve had some pretty crazy moments out there weather wise and we’ve come through it all so far! Even just a few weeks ago we had to sail into 25 knot winds getting slammed around. Again the 385 just got on with it.

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