Delays… (FedEx you SUCK!)

We’re stuck here in Puerto Rico ready to leave but are waiting for the Panama cruising guide to turn up which you really need to sail around San Blas. We paid a lot to get ‘guaranteed’ overnight delivery from the States a few days ago but after just calling the office we were told it ‘might’ show up Monday (a full three days later than it should have).

It’s our own fault for leaving it too late. We thought we’d be able to pick up a copy here locally.

There’s a nice guy on a Cat in front of us through who has the book so we are waiting for him to return to the boat to hopefully lend / buy it from him. We’ll then post our new copy to his address somehow.

That’s our mad plan anyhow. If that doesn’t work Helen’s going to put a pair of tights over her head tonight and she’s going to rob him.

We wouldn’t mind too much but we’re running low on time now to get to Panama and there’s a great weather window to get there RIGHT NOW. These things are sent to try us I guess. Grrr.

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