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  1. good luck – we sailed our 411 some years ago on that route, but now have a permanenet berth in Tomas Maestre La Manga. Be prepared for shocking marina prices in the Balearics

    • Hi Stan,

      Yeah we’ve heard, defo staying away from Ibiza town. We’ve looked into some marines and there are one or two that look affordable but we’re hoping to anchor most of the time.

      • well we usually go into Santa Eulalia in Ibiza – one of the summer catches is that if you want to fill with water you sometimes have to stay for a night!
        Also watch out for anchoring – there are areas where it is controlled to protect the growth on the sea bed (Posidonia)- for example Formentera (which is a lovely place) You can register to use mooring buoys but I understand this year they charge a fee!
        You can register on I think http://www.Balearslifeposidonia.eu
        Anyway if you put something like that in Google you will find

        • Just booked a buoy there actually! We’re heading to the Formentera ones tomorrow.
          The pilot (2014) still says they are free, but this has sadly changed. For up to 12m they now cost a 30 euro per night.

          Got to love Ibiza. A mooring buoy costs more than pretty much every marina we paid for on mainland Spain. 🙂

          • when we were en-route to Italy we anchored for free (along with many others) in the bay just outside San Antonio marina – San Antonio is busy!

          • Yep, that’s where we are right now. 🙂
            What route did you take to Italy? Any good tips for that area would be most welcomed.

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