Panama Canal here we come!

The boat is ready, our temp crew all locked in (turning up in a few hours), all documents / visas / permits done and the huge lines and fenders have been added to the boat.

We’re ready to go!!

Our transit time is currently around 6:30pm local Panama time. Keep an eye on us via the web cam’s here:

We transmit AIS so you should be able to keep track of us that way as well using something like:

I’ve also updated the onboard YB Tracker to update our position every hour, it’s on the ‘location’ page clickable from above.

Very excited! Weird to think that exactly this time last year we were heading through the Keil canal with zero off-shore experience with Jamie and Pete from Halycon Yacht’s. With their help- and everyone we’ve met along the way we’re now tackling the daddy of canals and will be in the Pacific 48 hours from now.

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