Panama here we come!

We’re all set. Heading off to Panama in a few hours. The tanks are topped off, the batteries fully charged (thanks to Geoff for the continued use of his power adapter), and Interlude has more food onboard than we know what to do with.

The weather window still looks good although the wind might ease off a little too much later in the week. The swell, which is the thing everyone has told us to be respectful of for this passage, looks to be extremely calm for the whole week now so it should be a pretty comfortable few days.

We’re actually really excited to be setting off. This will be our second biggest passage after the Atlantic crossing so it’ll be good for us to really get back into the swing of long off-shore sailing before heading out into the Pacific.

It also give us almost week at sea where we can check Interlude is working as she should. We still have time in Panama to fix up any issues we run into. Hopefully nothing too major crops up.

In other news our Galapagos visa has been approved! We now have all the paperwork in place for a visit to this amazing area which is where we’ll head to directly after we’ve made it through the canal.

We plan to make Landfall in the San Blas islands 200 miles East of the Canal. This area is meant to be amazing to visit and nothing like we’ve experienced so far so we can’t wait to spend a few days there.

Hopefully we’re still on track to get through the Canal before the end of March- that was always our RED ALERT date for starting the long trek home. We had hoped to be in Panama by now but you can’t hurry love, I mean the weather.

You can keep an eye on our progress via the ‘Location’ link above.

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